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Fresh Start 101

Fresh Start 101

This 8-week-long Zwift-compatible training plan is for beginners looking to develop some base fitness and start their new year off strong. This is a group coaching program: you will have access to a Discord chat with other riders completing this plan, and coaches. You will also have access to a weekly Zwift meetup with an integrated voice chat to talk about your progress, workouts, questions, or just chat.


Why group coaching?


-You get access to a high-quality training plan and more importantly, regular contact with a professional cycling coach, at a very affordable price!
-You get the comradery and social support of your peers, holding you accountable and challenging you to push yourself even harder. 
-It's fun! Riding with and competing against your friends makes the time tick by even quicker and makes the process all that much more enjoyable.


What to expect:


-4 Zwift-compatible workouts per week
-1 group meetup and voice chat per week
-3 fitness tests for progress monitoring
-3 to 5 hours of riding per week
-Weekly contact with a coach + unlimited Discord messaging


When does it start?


January 1st, 2024 for 8 weeks


How does it work?


You can sign up at any time between now and the New Year to be added to the program. After purchasing a plan you will get an email with instructions to link your Trainingpeaks account to the coach account, the plan will be added to your personal calendar, and then you will be disconnected from the coach account. You will still have contact with coaches and peers through Discord.

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