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About KET

Knowledge is power and power prevails

Private Beginnings

Taking advantage of the world's paradigm shift to virtual businesses in 2020, KET started as a contracted coach for the Rochester High School Wings Team. From the beginning, we focused on working with elite level junior mountain bikers.

Routine Success

After two years we decided to branch out into individualized one-on-one coaching where we saw tremendous success, more than tripling the amount of athletes we work with. In just two more years, we've worked with several national champions, helped riders win countless events, and develop athletes to a level well beyond their own goals.

Continuing Development

Looking to the future, we plan on bringing in more experts in nutrition, strength training, psychology and more to create a holistic coaching group to develop athletes to their absolute greatest potential. We are creating new services to bring this expertise to new, specific markets. We believe knowledge is not something that should be withheld and we want to bring it to as many people as possible.

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What makes us different?



KET is NOT a professional cyclist's side project. Every member is dedicated to their craft, constantly developing skills, and continuing education to give you the best possible experience.



We all ride, we all work. Our personal experience is similar to yours. We don't have all day, 7 days a week to train so we find the balance between optimal performance and living our lives in our own training, and we will do the same for you.


We don't follow the grain. You wont find us copy and pasting the same workout you find all over the internet just because it's popular. We develop workouts, tests, and processes for each rider and their goals.



The biggest difference between a good and excellent athlete is knowledge. We pride ourselves in teaching the principles, processes and preparation that goes behind each workout and training program.


Justin Kreger


Lifelong Racer

Starting mountain bike racing at just 7, it has been a part of my life for the vast majority of it. I’ve raced just about every discipline out there from ultra endurance MTB and gravel events, to the shortest track sprint events while collecting several state, regional, and national championship titles in the process. After taking several years off due to heart complications in 2018, I began training and racing again (not so seriously) in 2020. While managing this heart condition and contracting COVID several times, I still managed respectable finishes and I strive every day to get back to my former fitness.

Academics and Research

Graduating from Oakland University in 2022 with a degree in exercise science, I have had the pleasure of being a part of a handful of research programs. One of these being a study attempting to create a non-invasive procedure to estimate hip osteoarthritis patient's likelihood of falling. My personal favorite project was working directly with my research mentor towards developing a novel VO2 max gas analysis device meant to be portable and fully functional; something that has yet to be created by anyone.

Science and Sports

Always being interested in the science behind how things work, it wasn't until I watched the 2019 Nike Breaking2 documentary that I realized just how interested I was in the intersection between human performance and performance engineering. Since then, I have taken inspiration from engineers and doctors such as INEOS' Dan Bigham, Silca's Josh Poertner, and Skratch's Allen Lim in my pursuit to maximize my own fitness and bike efficiency.

Notable Race Results

2023 CAT2/3 Tucson Bicycle Classic (27th)

2023 PRO Iceman Cometh (35th)

2018 U23 Fatbike National Championship (1st)

2018 PRO Iceman Cometh (30th)

2018 CAT1 MTB Marathon Nationals (10th)

2016 Varsity MiSCA State Championship (1st)

2016 CAT1 MTB State Championship (1st)

2016 JR Iceman Cometh (2nd)

2016 JR MTB Midwest Regional Championship (1st)

2015 JR Iceman Cometh (2nd)

2015 Varsity MiSCA State Championship (1st)

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