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Race Winning Training Plans

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Why Choose a KET Plan?

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  • Do I need a power meter?
    Yes, our coaching packages rely on frequent power testing to determine changes in fatigue and fitness. If you are looking for high-quality training with a heart rate monitor, try one of our race-winning training plans.
  • How is KET different than other coaches?
    KET is NOT a professional cyclist's side project. Every member is dedicated to their craft, constantly developing skills, and continuing education to give you the best possible experience. Anyone can make you a training plan, it takes a whole different set of skills and dedication to truly coach athletes. We pride ourselves in teaching the principles, processes, and preparation that go behind each workout and training program. Understanding how your body works, how you should feel, and what that means in relation to training is incredibly important and it's what separates good from great athletes.
  • Your competitors are cheaper, why?
    Our prices reflect the quality and level of involvement that goes into coaching each athlete. With unlimited messaging and regular meetings with our athletes, we are always there for you when you need us. This constant involvement not only creates an exceptional experience for you but also brings incredible results.
  • How many adjustments do I get in my plan?
    While many other coaches offer "X adjustments per month" as a selling point for their services, we do not. We don't simply make training plans for athletes, we coach athletes. You have an infinite amount of adjustments to your training program since each one is specifically tailored to you. We believe having consistent, regular contact with our athletes is what helps them become great.

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