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Workout Fuel Guide

It is not uncommon for riders to chronically under-fuel their workouts. Many save their riding nutrition for race day to get an extra edge, but that just means you are not getting as much out of your workouts as you could.

Finding the best nutrition strategy is a very personal endeavor, you should test different foods, amounts, and strategies throughout your training to see what works best for you. It is a good idea to test your pre-race and race-fueling strategy on difficult workouts from time to time to ensure you don't have any digestion issues and that you feel properly fueled for the race. You should make just one change each time you re-test your strategy so you can pinpoint the things that work for you and the things you need to change.

While the fueling requirements for different workout types are unique, the fueling strategies leading up to key workouts are more or less the same. Below is a generalized fueling strategy to follow leading up to your next key workout.

Pre-Workout Fueling

After you have finished your pre-workout fueling and you found a strategy that works for you, you should look to match your fueling strategy during the workout to the demands of it. Higher-intensity workouts will require a higher proportion of carbohydrates, and lower-intensity endurance rides will be fueled by a higher proportion of fats. Using this information along with the experiences of countless athletes at KET, following the recommendations outlined below will help you nail your next workout.

Endurance Rides

Tempo and Sweet Spot Rides

Threshold Workouts

High Intensity Intervals



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